Best Time To Post On Instagram

Gone are the days when Instagram was only for the millennials and trendsetters. In this day and age, people of all age brackets are into Instagram as it is a large platform to post and access photos, music, videos, GIFS and information on a lot of topics, ranging from sports to beauty, to fashion, to celebrity news. In addition to fun and recreation, Instagram is also a very famous platform for marketers to post their products and advertise.

With just a smart phone, laptop, iPad, desktop or any relevant electronic gadget, you can sign up and be part of the social media community. One of the biggest and most popular applications that people are currently using is Instagram. It is a free, online application where the users can share photos and videos. The question we answer in this article is when is the best time to post on Instagram in 2021!

How Instagram Works

If you have a Facebook account, then you will find it quite easy to use Instagram as they have some familiar features since Facebook bought Instagram in 2012. Most beginners find themselves in quite a pickle after creating an Instagram account. After successfully creating an account, you will be required to pick a username and fill out your bio.

For a business account, it is better to use a username that fits your product and use your bio to give important details about your product. You should also choose a relevant profile photo. After updating your info, follow people. This creates a great opportunity to get customers and investors. Add your Instagram handle to your website so that people can view your posts.

Understanding Instagram Insights

If you have an Instagram business account, you will notice a recent feature called Insights and this is your best friend if you are trying to figure out what is the best time to post on Instagram. The app has an amazing user-interface that allows marketers to keep track of their businesses. There are three major Insights metrics every user should be aware of and understand fully.

a) Engagement- It is the total number of comments and likes that your post has received. It is simple to manage your posts by knowing what your followers like most and what they think of your post.

b) Impressions– This is basically the number of times your post has been viewed. This does not have to match the number of likes you post has received. The users might have seen your post, but decided to take no action.

c) Reach- The reach is quite debatable and confusing. The app describes it as the total number of unique accounts that have seen your post. It is quite hectic to calculate it as there are many hashtags the followers use. In simpler terms, it can be compared to the potential of your post to be seen by unique accounts.

Best Time to Post on Instagram

When it comes to Instagram, keep in mind that timing is key. You want to post and send messages when people are around. To get best results, you should develop a strategy that will work for you and help you meet your goals. Luckily, this blog covers just about that. You have to maintain a regular posting schedule so that your followers know when to expect and update.

Understand the audience you are trying to target. This is vital as the audience determines the most convenient time to post. Instagram posts with a lot of likes and comments normally appear in feeds. In marketing, this should be among your top goals. As your posts appear on followers’ home screens, your company, business, and product gains popularity with the masses.

Studies have shown that a lot of Instagram users are online during the day. Depending on your specific audience, you can comfortably post as from six am to nine am midday to one pm or five pm. People regularly use their gadgets to check their feeds when they wake up, during breaks and after work or school. Your followers will, therefore, stumble on your ad once they log in. During the specified hours, you will notice that you have a huge audience to reach your content.

Another tip to consider is to avoid posting during work hours. Most users are very busy and do not have the time to check the feeds. We all are familiar with Monday blues. Most users tend to log in as they head to work to finally have a feel of the weekend, and get ready to start a new week. This fact there makes Monday mornings (eight am to nine am) another convenient time to post.

Consider time zones to avoid confusion. After knowing your target audience and observing after a few posts, you will be able to decide the location of most fans of your product. You could be based in EST but notice that most of your customers are in the PST or GMT time zones. Get your calculations right or even set an alarm or reminder for your post to hit your customers at the right time.

Before developing a stable and final routine, try posting at different times. Try the various recommended timings and settle for the one that yields the best response from your audience. The best time to post on Instagram depends on your own individual data from your analytics. Try checking this on a weekly basis until you get what you are looking for. If you find it hard to keep up with the schedule, there are a lot of apps that allow you to set the posting times, queue up the Instagram posts and they will be posted automatically. BRSM offers a unique service for Instagram auto post likes so when you do decide to make that Instagram post our systems detect it and send real Instagram likes to your post! Check it out it’s genius!

Follow the above strategy to get the best out of Instagram Marketing. Do not forget to always engage with the customers. Reply to their comments, and ask them to give feedbacks on the product. Never ignore complains and show that you are working on any stated inconveniences to show dependability. Use polite language and always be detailed. Always ensure that your posts relate to your product. Customers have to identify with your account on a business level.

Instagram is a great channel to grow your business, boost your engagement and achieve your marketing goals. It might be rough during the first few weeks, but over time, you’ll notice improvement and reap great benefits. Sign up if you do not have an account and get this ultimate marketing strategy off the ground.

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