If you would like to see your website get more traffic and your business grow a relatively stronger audience who relate to the brand, then you should consider using social media platforms that pave the way for more traffic.

And what better way to start than go with Instagram!

With an active monthly user base of about 300 million, many brands are searching for methods to interact with Instagram to gain a broader customer base for their business.

If you would like to optimize your business, track your activities, below is a guideline on everything you need to know about Instagram and better business.


To guide you through, here are the steps on how you can set up an Instagram account and subsequently exploit the benefits that come with this online platform for the advantage of your business. First things first, however, you will, of course, require an Instagram Account

Setting up a Business Profile on Instagram

Before creating a new Instagram Account for your business (or deciding to refresh your old one), ensure that you define how this platform will serve your venture. While Instagram can support various business range objectives, you nonetheless need to set your focus to succeed ultimately. Remember, consistency, and high-quality content are crucial.

When you switch the account to a business one, you can add more information to it (on your profile) inclusive of an address for the business, phone number and opening hours among others.

If you already own an Instagram account, merely jump to the third step.

It is quite easy and straightforward to set up an Instagram Business Profile, and it is as follows:

1. Step 1: Download and proceed to launch the App (You can get it on Android, iOS, and Windows). Open upon download

2. Step 2: Click on “Sign Up” and then key in your phone number or email address to register. Alternatively, you can click on the Sign in with Facebook. Select a username and finish up the registration. Afterwards, sign in on your mobile app.

3. Step 3: Visit your Profile (the main page) then click on the cogwheel icon located at your screen’s top right corner. Follow this by locating the “Switch to Business Profile” option in the app’s “Settings” list menu.

4. Step 4: Click on “Continue” until you get to the “Connect the Facebook Page” screen

5. Step 5: Choose the Facebook page of the business to link it to your account (Instagram). Note that all you will see are those pages which you are an admin of, and the only pages that can be linked are Facebook Business Pages.

6. Step 6: Fill out every detail for the profile, begin posting and subsequently analyzing the progress of your posts using the provided analytics.

Now that you have your Instagram Business Account ensure that it entirely is optimized for better customer appeal. How?

• Add a Link to Increase the Traffic to your Business Site

Instagram offers you the chance to lead a click directly to your website. This is through a link which you can place on your bio. You can add it under your name at you Instagram page’s top.

• Remain Recognizable with both a Consistent Photo and Name

Ensure that your Instagram name is synonymous or associated with your business across every other social media forum to easily get tracked. This also applies to your profile image.

• Include an Interesting, Informative and Catchy Bio

Before people can decide to follow you, they apparently peruse through your Profile. As such, provide an exciting and informative bio that not only interests your potential clients but also convinces them of the content and value you offer them.

You can always change it to suit your newest sale, launch or campaign. And don’t forget to include a link.


You are apparently accustomed to the “A picture is worth a thousand words” and as such, be sure to exploit the customer-hooking advantage of Instagram to the fullest fully. Nonetheless, be sure not to come off as more of a salesperson since it will push away the followers. In doing so, however, be sure not to annoy your followers. How? Here are a few tips:

• Refrain from Hard Selling in efforts to Appeal to the Social Culture

Carefully tread the thin line between simply wielding your influence or coming off as too pushy. This simply means for you to get more creative with the photos of your product.

• Use creative yet professional Photos to promote your items

This you can do by ensuring your photos are unique, attention-grabbing and filled with personality.

• Size Your Pictures for Professional Quality

Ensure that your Photos reflect professionalism by maintaining high quality. Use the square fitting as in your app option of uploading or use free apps like Instasave to help you with it.

• Use the Apps Editing Tools to Stand Out

Instagram provides you with a host of in-app filters that help you enhance the moods and colors of your pictures. Make use of them.

• Offer Exclusive Announcements and Promotions to Followers

Pump up your followers’ app feeds with bonuses, insider announcements, and special offers. This allows you to attract and maintain a large number of followers.


Even if the photos you are posting are “picture-perfect”, you still need a strategy that inspires people even to have a look at them and begin to follow you. Below are some of the techniques you can use to increase your followers and showcase your brand to more prospect fans.

• Widely Use Hashtags to Broaden Your Discoverability

They boost the shelf-life of the Instagram Posts.

• Tag Photos with your Shared Photos:

User’s content highlighted on your feed promotes positive feelings which are then linked to your brand


Now that you have fortified your following and shared your content, how do you strengthen this audience into one that is loyal and paying?

• Write Inviting and Active Captions on your Photos and Posts

• Use Contests to Jump Start your Engagements

• Respond to Shout Outs and Notifications to real active Instagram Followers.


Don’t allow your Instagram Account to Plateau! Keep attracting new “prospective” clients /traffic, and the only way to guarantee this is by taking the time to evaluate your success, researching your audience and repeating the content which is bearing fruit.

Some of the metrics you can use to help you do so include:

• Tracking your Reciprocity to identify loyal fans

You need to determine your ambassadors for you to enjoy more shares and continue to appeal to them. You can improve your relationship by giving shout-outs.

• Tracking Follower Density to Boost the Posting Schedule

This entails knowing when your Instagram followers are most active for you to adjust your posting schedules to increase the comments and likes.

• Posting on a Steady Schedule

instagram for business


With approximately 300 million users (active), Instagram is not just a typical social network platform anymore! It is a force worth reckoning with and one that your business would greatly benefit from. And with these several guidelines, you should be able to inspire positive results within your business almost immediately after starting to use them.

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