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Facebook Partner Safe
USA Facebook Shares
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Facebook Partner Safe
USA Facebook Shares
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Our real Facebook shares start from as low as $20 per 50 shares. All of the shares are USA targeted. Hit order now button!

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Facebook Shares FAQ

Can I Buy Facebook Shares?

  • Yes you can! Our Facebook shares are USA targeted!
  • Try this premium FB post marketing service out today!

Can I Have Country Restrictions Set On My Page?

  • No your Facebook page and post must be set with no age or country restrictions. All of the shares will be from the USA however!

How Long Until I Get My USA FB Shares?

  • When you place an order it takes us 24-48 hours to get the campaign setup. It may be even less than a day depending how many orders we have in que to process.
  • When your order starts you will get real shares at speeds of 200-500 per day.

Where Are These Shares From?

  • We get these FB post shares though a mix of CPC and promoting across our premium networks.
  • We target more than 10 million organic Facebook users from all over the USA.

Facebook Shares Reviews

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What a great service! These Facebook shares really boosted up my posts! I love that they are people in the USA also. Tried other services and they were all foreign but not you guys! Thanks!


We will take your post and share it with only real active people from all over the world or country targeted. When you buy USA Facebook shares with these individuals it lands on their wall directly and all their pals have the ability to see it.

It is an amazing marketing campaign for a great price and we’re sure you’ll like the results! Your posts popularity will shoot skyward and you will be able to see all the post sharing action in your Facebook insights!

buy Facebook shares


Have you ever noticed how some of you posts on get seen by a low amount of your Facebook fans. This is called the reach on your posts. Facebook scans posts to see what is the most popular and shows your fans only the most popular posts. This service makes your post popular and thus if you buy Facebook shares your post will be shown to more people increasing the visibility of it organically.

Your posts will be shared by real people so when people go to your post and see all the activity they will be more prone to share, like, or comment on it as well. You can take advantage of our popular Facebook post likes service to for a better effect on your most important post!


Our service create the follow the herd effect and is perfect if you want a certain post to go viral! We invite you to purchase Facebook shares from us and watch your Facebook page bustle with activity.

When you buy real Facebook shares your post will be shared with thousands of real people with real friends to boot. We do this by sharing your wall post or picture post within our vast proprietary social media networks. It’s a fantastic way to get a video, picture, or wall post viral on Facebook.


This service will raise your Facebook Edge rank which means that the more a post is shared on Facebook the more Facebook will display it in your followers feed walls. This means ultimate exposure for the posts you want promoted. Go ahead and get Facebook shares now and see for yourself the great service this is.