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Youtube Packages
YouTube Bronze Package
One Time
YouTube Partner Safe
5,000 Real Views
100 Video Likes
USA Subs
Split: 2 Videos
Delivery: 1-2 Days
YouTube Gold Package
Great Deal!
One Time
YouTube Partner Safe
100,000 Real Views
5000 Video Likes
1k USA Subs
Split 10 videos
Delivery: 5-7 Days
YouTube Silver Package
One Time
YouTube Partner Safe
10,000 Real Views
200 Video Likes
100 USA Subs
Split 5 videos
Delivery: 2-3 Days
1 Year Guarantee
The promotion packages is the real deal! I love how you can split them between videos. This is my go to YouTube marketing service when I post new videos!


The best word that can describe YouTube Marketing is …Colossal. If you can get a video on YouTube to go viral that can be termed priceless. Many online companies today now buy YouTube packages and use YouTube as a major campaign for their search engine optimization (SEO).

When you buy YouTube promotion packages from us you will notice that all the views, likes, comments, and subscribers are from people all over the world. This is a massive bonus because most other companies send foreign views and likes.

buy YouTube packages

For your YouTube videos to be seen by many people, you have to make sure you get many people to like and comment on the videos. The content of your videos is very important but yet that is not enough to get you started unless you have gathered enough views or subscribers on your YouTube channel. When you buy YouTube packages from us it takes care of all four.

Once you have views, marketing your video becomes as simple as taking candy from a baby. If your video has low views, it will have no impact on the online industry. However when your video has lots of views, you will have the opportunity of attracting up to 92% of YouTube users all of whom go for videos with high views.

WHY Choose BRSM For Promotion Packages?

People trust that videos with lots of views are entertaining or at least have something interesting. This is also true with the amount of subscribers, likes, and comments you have. Create a genuine follow the herd effect when you buy packages for YouTube from us.

These packages are truly a all in one video promotion solutions and the results are outstanding for our clients. You get all the needed YouTube services in the packages so it covers all bases. If you need to get only Youtube subscribers than we got your back as well!

When you buy a YouTube promotion package you get views, comments, likes, and subscribers. You will be giving your video a huge boost. All our views are from real people, so YouTube will never accuse you of using bots and you will never have to risk your videos being banned.

When you buy YouTube packages from us, you will be guaranteed that your YouTube videos will go viral. Buy YouTube packages now and your business or brand is guaranteed to hit the market by storm!

YouTube Packages FAQ

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  • Buy YouTube packages that contain 100% real subscribers, likes, and comments absolutely!
  • Youtube packages are a result of promoting your video across our extensive social media networks from all over the globe.
  • We understand you may have had a bad experience from other supplier. We are happy you are here now to have a good one!
  • Our real YouTube package services are permanent because they are real. Bot likes or views disappear
  • If you do loose any of the services in the YouTube packages for some strange reason we offer a full 1 year replacement guarantee.
  • We got your back from start to finish. You are in good hands.
  • Choose a YouTube package that fits your budget and hit order.
  • Add your YouTube video URL (s) and any special instructions.
  • If you have comments written we can use those to! After your order you will get a email from your account manager. Simply reply back to the email with the comments and we will use them. If you do not have written we will send positive comments.
  • If you want comments drip fed let us know and we can do a chosen amount per day.
  • Please make sure your YouTube channel’s subscriber count button is activated and public.
  • Follow the prompts and pay securely through Stripe when buying YouTube packages.
  • You will be assigned a account manager and he will email you with all your order details.
  • You can reply to that email at any time if you have any questions at all during the campaign.
  • We require 24-48 hours setup time.
  • Buy YouTube packages and watch services start rolling in naturally and we complete your package within the delivery time stated on the package.
  • When we are finished you will received a completion email so you know we are done 🙂

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