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Buy Facebook Comments
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Buy Facebook Comments
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Positive Facebook Comments

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Thanks for your hard work Dennis this is awesome! People are actually commenting on your Facebook comments and its creating conversations on my posts. You can tell you guys research the posts before you comment. Keep it up.


Forrester Research just recently brought out a brand-new study that really drills down why it is beneficial to you to buy Facebook comments, likes and shares are so vital. The research study found that 70% of customers trust brand suggestions from close friends, while just 10% trust advertising.

Now, this research does not directly say that Facebook comments, likes and shares are what individuals trust. However let’s dig deeper into this.

If you’re active on Facebook, you have actually seen the status update in your news feed that shows among your friends “Preference” a specific business page. Or maybe it’s been an information feed tale about among your good friends discussing a brand’s Facebook Page.

The Facts About This Service

Or just perhaps you found yourself checking out a short article that appeared in your information feed due to the fact that among your other good friends simply commented on it.

Now let’s pretend that very first tale that showed up in your information feed was because your close friend “liked”  Football USA’s Facebook Page. The second information feed tale was a comment your good friend wrote on the Huffington Post Facebook page about his views on world hunger.

Lastly, the last news feed tale was a short article your good friend simply shared from the Washington Post. What simply took place right here? You were served subtle brand referrals for Football USA, the Huffington Post, and The Washington Post.

More Reasons To Use these services?

We live in a world now where we are pounded with advertisements. Not to mention, we purchase items and services when we are ready to buy from these referrals. Not when it’s convenient for a business. So if a brand name can buy Facebook comments and break through the mess by getting an edge for brand popularity than they should take it!

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That’s where Facebook has actually entered play. All those Facebook comments, likes and shares  are subtle brand referrals. 70% of customers trust brand suggestions and only 10% trust advertisements.

We would think you would want to do your best to make sure your getting individuals to engage with your brand on Facebook.

Getting more Facebook comments for your posts are also beneficial because it shows on your business page that it is well liked and interesting. Let’s say someone goes to a Facebook business page and see no comments on the posts.

It is a pretty good sign that the business in question has no fans that really follow the business. This send signals to people visiting that they should not like the page and follow themselves.

Why choose to work with BRSM?

You can buy Facebook comments from us and start a conversation relating to your post on Facebook. You can submit your own comments so they are related to your post or we can send random positive comments.

We use male or female accounts and you can choose what percentage you would like! It is common to see other people comment on our comments and like them.

The benefits when you buy Facebook comments are enormous. More of your fans will see your post because Facebook tracks engagement of posts to determine how many of your fans get to see it.

If you would like to give your Facebook post a boost in engagement buy some Facebook comments above and let’s get the ball rolling! This service is complimented well with our Facebook post likes packages also.

Facebook Comments FAQ

  • Buy 100% real Facebook comments from real profiles!
  • We get these comments through incentive based marketing and you can choose the percentage of male and female comments.
  • You can send your own to make sure they are post related or we can send random positive comments if you don’t want to write them out!
  • Everyone associates the number of comments on your post to how popular your business is.
  • It creates a follow the heard effect. When someone sees that you have a large amount of Facebook comments they are more likely to comment themselves.
  • Facebook comments generate strong social signals to Google and can hep you rank.
  • People will not take you as serious if you have a small amount of Facebook comments on your page.
  • Choose a package that fits your budget and hit order.
  • Add your Facebook page URL or Post URL and any special instructions.
  • You can find a specific posts URL buy clicking on the date.
  • If you have a list of Facebook comments you would like us to add enter them in special instructions. Please number comments so we can understand. Tell us what percentage of male or female comments you would like.
  • If you do not leave a list of comments we will send random positive comments! You can specify how many comments you want per day for random comments but not for custom comments.
  • Follow the prompts and pay securely through PayPal.
  • You will be assigned a account manager and he will email you with all your order details.
  • You can reply to that email at any time if you have any questions at all during the campaign.
  • We require 24-48 hours setup time.
  • Your comments start rolling in naturally and we complete your package within the delivery time stated on the package you chose above when you ordered the Facebook comments.
  • When we are finished you will received a completion email so you know we are done 🙂