Top 7 Instagram Marketing Software 2019

Instagram is one of the best and most effective platforms for marketing products and promoting businesses. The power of Instagram is incredibly increasing each and every day. There are many Instagram software versions out there for marketers and business owners to get the best results from their Instagram account. There are about 500 million active members in Instagram and thus no platforms can get better than this to showcase your products and services of your business. It is an exciting media platform which helps to attract many users.

But to manage the Instagram account you need some great Instagram marketing software to keep a track of all the interactions, make posts automatically or scheduled, launch CPC campaigns, and much more. We had our Instagram ninja’s look far and wide and the Instagram software mentioned below are our top picks. Here is the list of the top Instagram marketing software that can be used. ** Updated for 2019**

#1: Crowdfire

You can download it as a web based application or even an app from the iOS or Android. It helps you to grow and clean up your Instagram account. You may have noticed that the number of followers often reduced. With the help of this application you can see list of the users who have unfollowed you.

For this you have to link your account with Crowdfire. It will also help you to unfollow the users who are not following you back. You can also check the fans of your Instagram account i.e. the users who follow you but you don’t follow them.

#2: Piqora

Hashtag is an important part of Instagram. Are you wondering how to make your images more visible to people? Then the answer is using the right hashtags will help you in this case.

Piqora is a tool that provides you details about a particular hashtag such as how many comments and likes it gets.It also provides an important insight along with a detailed analytics. So, this tool will help you to improve on your content strategies in Instagram and will help you to find much more useful hashtags for your photos. This will make your photos visible to a large number of users.

#3: Social Insight 

It is one of the best tools for deep Instagram analytics for monitoring the growth of your account. The best thing about this web based application is that it can be linked and used for multiple accounts. You can easily monitor the growth of the followers, monitor engagement of the followers, interaction and also many more other things.

Besides these, it also helps you to know the best time post to get the best engagement from active users. This tool also rolls out some useful and great features for the application each month to help the marketers.

#4: Latergram

This is another useful tool for the marketers. With the help of this Latergram you can schedule all your posts for Instagram. This can be done from any device. On the scheduled time it will send you a notification asking whether you want to post or not. If you approve the post the photo will be posted on your Instagram account. It is very simple yet very useful.

On a busy day many people forget to upload the photos on time but with the help of this tool you can schedule it and post whenever you want to post. The best thing about this tool is that you can add the whole marketing team here to manage and schedule the posts.

#5: Repost

This is a very useful Instagram software which helps you to repost the photos and videos on Instagram. If any user has uploaded a photo related to the product of your business then you can quickly repost the same in your Instagram account with just one tap. The best thing about this app is that it automatically gives credit to the actual user who has posted this photo.

You can also use the Bookmark feature to save videos and photos automatically and repost them later on. You can also use the Search option to find some amazing videos as well as photos by the hashtags and users. Thus, this app is the best one to share contents generated by users for your business.

#6: Social Rank

This is another application or Instagram software for managing the Instagram account. It helps to identify, manage as well as organize all your Instagram followers. You can thoroughly check the demographics of all the followers. From there you can find out the followers who are most valuable, influencing and brand advocators. They mean a lot for your Instagram account and thus you should know about them.

Once you link your account with the Social Rank, all the profiles of your followers will be listed there. Now you can organize all the followers by filtering them or sorting them according to your own preferences. You can also manage these followers by creating custom lists and save them on Social Rank. This will help you a lot to know your followers properly.

#7: Facebook Power Editor

With the latest update of Instagram it has release a platform for ads or the Sponsored posts. In very short time it has become one of the most influential and powerful platform for advertising. Instagram is currently owned by the Facebook and thus the tool named Facebook Power Editor will help you to self serve all the ads. The features of this tool are highly powerful.

It offers advanced targeting the specific group of users for a particular ad. You can provide targeting options like age, location, gender, habits, interests etc for reaching to the right audience. The price of running the ads is also very affordable. You can spend as low as $1 per day for running the ads. If you are willing to spend more, then your post will reach more people and get better exposure.

Conclusion on the Instagram software choices:

So, these are the top 7 best Instagram software tools in 2017 that you can use to get the best results from. Popularity of Instagram is growing everyday and thus each and every business wants to use this platform for marketing. You can buy real Instagram followers from us but in order to stand out from all the businesses competing with one another you need to use one of the best tools if you want the best results for marketing in Instagram. It is up to you to create the best content possible to grow your business and and create brand ambassadors out of your Instagram followers.

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