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Organic Facebook Likes FAQ

Can I Buy Organic Facebook Likes?

  • Yes you can! Our organic Facebook likes are all real people!
  • This is a premium service you will not find anywhere else!

Will the Likes Drop Off?

  • No all of the real likes we send will be 100% permanent.
  • If for any reason you get a drop in FB likes we offer a 1 year replacement guarantee for your peace of mind!

Can I Have Country Restrictions Set On My Page?

  • No your Facebook page must be set with no age or country restrictions.
  • Most people don’t have them set on their pages anyway!

How Long Until I Get My Likes?

  • When you place an order it takes us 24-48 hours to get the campaign setup. It may be even less than a day depending how many orders we have in que to process.
  • When your order starts you will get real likes at speeds of 500-700 per day.

Where Are These Likes From?

  • We get these FB likes though a mix of CPC and promoting across our premium networks.
  • We target more than 10 million organic Facebook users from all over the world.
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WHY Get Organic LIKES?

You buy organic Facebook likes to show people you are popular and your page will rank higher in your niche’s category just by this alone. This will bring in even more fans to your page because of the sheer numbers you will have. Let’s face it you can have the most clever, creative, and viral posts on your Facebook page but if you don’t have fans to see it than what is the point right? It is our job to get the ball rolling when you buy real Facebook likes. Your job is to create the awesome content that will convert them to clients. It is also important to note the alternative to building a fan base other than our services….Facebook Ads.

Let’s talk about how much it costs and what you need to do on Facebook ads to build organic 1000 Facebook likes. First you need to either design a few ads or hire a graphic designer to do this for you than you need to figure out all the intricacies of the Facebook CPC platform. After you figure this out you finally get the ad live.

Unless you are a professional in ad split testing and targeting it is most likely these ads will cost you anywhere between $500 and $1000 to gain 1000 Facebook likes and take a couple months to complete! Well you don’t have to worry about that now because for $89 you can purchase real Facebook likes and let us do all the heavy Facebook CPC lifting for you so you can focus on your business and making money.

We take Pride in our work For Facebook Likes!

We take pride in lasting relationships with our customers. These relationships are built on the fact our services are of the highest quality which is exactly what keeps our clients returning again and again. Our objective isn’t really making a quick sale as it is to supply you with real likes that will enhance your company’s image and popularity thus creating a long lasting business relationship that benefits both you and BRSM.IO. If you are not 100% satisfied with our services we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

As a social network fan supplier our services are excellent and we have many re sellers extending our packages to their own clients. Order now and give your Facebook page a real boost when you buy organic Facebook likes from a reputable company.

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Why Invest Im Facebook Marketing Promotions?

Facebook remains, by far, the most used platform for online social interaction. With more than one billion users spread across different age groups, Facebook makes for a marketing channel that businesses can use to build a strong customer base. Half of Facebook users are active every day, making it possible to engage them through regular post updates. The Facebook audience can also be categorized demographically, which means a business can easily create marketing content specific to a particular audience.

It’s no wonder, then, that businesses have turned to organic Facebook marketing activities. The platform has made promoting a business online so easy and affordable if you purchase organic Facebook likes, for both old and new businesses.


Facebook has the highest number of organic members among all social media platforms. They total more than 1 billion, with 50% of them accessing the platform on a daily basis. According to statistics from Facebook, 71% of the total number of users are young adults, in the age bracket of the early twenties to early thirties. The other 30% consists of teens and the elderly.

The fact that the largest part of Facebook is young adults makes it the best platform to market products. This is the demographic segment representing people who are in their ‘ buying years,’ with most of them being actively employed. Marketing for products and services done to this part of the population has a higher rate of success.

Other social media platform have audiences that are either too young or too elderly to represent a strong purchasing power. And the good thing with the Facebook is, you can selectively target a particular audience, and have updates appear on their timelines only.


Although Facebook started off as a way for people to interact, the reach it commanded over the years changed things. This reach is expanded even more when you buy real Facebook likes because the more people like your page the better! The Facebook community grew tremendously, with users joining from every demographic segment and geographical location, more so young adults.