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Instagram Mentions
1,000 Mentions
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Buy Instagram Mentions
Real Instagram Mentions
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Target Competitors Followers
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5,000 Mentions
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Buy Instagram Mentions
Real Instagram Mentions
Instagram Partner Safe
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Speed: 1k-2k/Day
2,500 Mentions
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Buy Instagram Mentions
Real Instagram Mentions
Instagram Partner Safe
Target Competitors Followers
Optional Split: 3 Posts
Speed: 1k-2k/Day
1 Year Guarantee
I gave you guys my competitors IG handle and my Instagram post URL not knowing what to expect. This is crazy smart marketing. Got lots of organic followers, comments and likes. Nice! Instagram mentions who knew!

Why Buy Instagram Mentions From BRSM.IO?

We have done it again and are happy to say you can now get Instagram mentions from BRSM. We are confidant you will love these services like so many of our other clients.

This is an exclusive Instagram marketing technique brought to you by BRSM and you won’t find this anywhere else! Well you may but we do it right and professionally. Imagine being able to get your competitors followers to see your promotional pics on Instagram.

buy Instagram mentions with BRSM.IO

When you buy Instagram mentions this is very powerful as you know they are already interested in your service, brand, or product because they have followed your competitor that is in your niche.

What is the process For Instagram Mentions?

We are able to scrape any Instagram accounts of your choosing and mention your Instagram pic to up to 10,000 users per pic. Are you excited yet….you should be.  This service will build your brand with targeted followers and until now was only used top celebrities, brands, and public figures as a secret weapon to promote their Instagram pages. These Instagram mentions are organic and effective.

Let’s say you you ran a charity organization to save the dolphins and you were hosting a huge event for your company. You made a promotional Instagram post on your page promoting this large event and buy Instagram mentions from us.

You would give us your Instagram pic URL and 1 Competitor Instagram page that you have researched to the most popular page in your niche. We mention your pic to 10,000 targeted Instagram users that really care about your business.

All of a sudden your pic is blowing up with people liking, commenting, and asking you for more information of the event and 1000 extra people show up. These people did not have a clue who you were yesterday but are now followers and brand ambassadors on Instagram. This is just one example of the scenarios that can happen when you buy Instagram mentions from us.

Other Reasons To Work With BRSM

Here is another. Suppose you sell cosmetics through your website but advertise primarily through Instagram. You decide to offer a coupon code on your site for 20% off and make a great post on Instagram to get some business. You buy Instagram mentions from us and target people that follow Revlon.

We mention your pic to 10,000 targeted cosmetic enthusiasts and you get a massive profit from people ordering from your site with the coupon code. The possibilities when you buy mentions are endless and limited only by your imagination.

The main point of this service is to get your content in front of the exact people who are most likely to interact with your or even become a client. Expect to see lots of traffic to clicking your website link in the post we are promoting!

Can I Get Instagram Mentions On My Own?

Yes you can comb through Instagram profiles and make a list of all the people you would want to follow your page. Then comment on your posts with their Instagram profile handles. As a result, the people will see your post and possibly like it or interact.

As you can imagine this would take a lot of work to research and implement if you do not buy Instagram mentions from us! It is possible to get Instagram mentions on your own but why go through all that agony! Work with BRSM.IO to build your Instagram post mentions because with us you can get thousands of mentions that target your competitors in real time!

In Conclusion

So what are you waiting for. Buy Instagram mentions today and see your Instagram pics blow up with interest and engagement. Remember to get maximum results please give us great content so our Instagram mentions will be effective.

Do not have a pic of a cat and give us dog handles to target when you are buying Instagram mentions. We are sure you want the best results possible from this service so please plan your campaigns when ordering this service. Finally you can buy some USA Instagram likes to get the post hyped before we add the Instagram mentions.

Instagram Mentions FAQ

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  • Yes, buy 100% real Instagram mentions absolutely!
  • No password needed.
  • Our system will scan the target account you give us and will mention your post to all its followers.
  • Great way to get your competitors followers to follow you!
  • Choose a Instagram mentions package that fits your budget and hit order.
  • Add your Instagram pic URL (s) (You can click on your videos date to get the specific URL we need)
  • Also please include your target user handle. Research your main competitor with the most followers.
  • Please do not have your account set on private as it needs to be on public for service to work.
  • Follow the prompts and pay securely through Stripe when buying Instagram mentions..
  • You will be assigned a account manager and he will email you with all your order details.
  • You can reply to that email at any time if you have any questions at all during the campaign.
  • We require 24-48 hours setup time.
  • Your Instagram mentions start rolling in naturally and we continue steadily working on it until completion.

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