Why You Need Instagram Followers In 2020

The power of instagram cannot be overstated in our modern world. Particularly in the clothing and apparel industry, instagram is a pivotal way to get a company’s goods seen by the largest number of potential patrons possible. The difference between a brick and mortar store and an online presence has become more evident in recent years, but the recent popularity of instagram has changed that consumption game yet again.

On its surface, Instagram is a means for brands to showcase images of themselves, whether that be their personal brand or their products and goods for sale. As such, Instagram has replaced the catalogs of yore, replacing glossy pages of a printed and bound booklet with swipe-worthy digital images of dresses, and pants, hats and jewelry.

Whether laid out on a flat background or worn by models, brands have the same capacity to showcase their products in the best light on Instagram as they did in catalog photography. Yet the benefits of Instagram far outweigh the benefits of catalogs because the wares being showcased can change regularly.

What does Instagram followers have to do with me?

While the catalogs of olden days might show a particular season’s clothes dn attire, Instagram allows brands to showcase their full range of clothing and accessories without needing to relegate the styles by season. This can seem overwhelming at first, due to the sheer magnitude of photos and products that will need to be produced and save up for such ever-changing visuals.

Yet the end result of a strong Instagram presence is that the same clothes can be showcased styled for different seasons, and by different models, thereby reaching a vastly greater number of viewers and potential customers. Accordingly, having instagram followers in the modern age of 2020 is of pivotal importance for the longevity of one’s clothing and apparel brand, and for the industry on the whole.

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Instagram followers equate to items purchased, in theory, except that unlike customers with apparel items sitting in their online shopping cart, instagram followers can spread the gospel of a given clothing brand’s apparel to a far larger audience than the clothing brand itself can. Think of it in a numbers game, where a particular clothing brand has 1 million followers, and each of those followers have their own set of unique followers.

Thus having Instagram followers in 2020 is of paramount importance because the reach of a brand is exponentially expanded with a large number of followers. Instagram followers in 2020 are how a clothing and apparel brand’s clothing and accessories are seen by potential buyers. Therefore, instagram followers are key in 2020 to ensure the success of a clothing and apparel brand.

Instagram followers are also important for the sales of clothing and apparel because the followers a given brand accrues may showcase a new audience for the brand’s products that would not have been thought of previously. For instance, clothing focused on vintage styles was up until very recently focused mainly on an older market clientele.

Yet with the advent of Instagram. younger fashionistas who appreciated the craftsmanship and silhouettes of older styles were able to find these aesthetics that they otherwise would have missed in a standard shopping mall setting.

Why is Instagram followers important in 2020?

As such, accruing instagram followers expands a brand’s presence and invites brand new potential customers to the styles provided by that given clothing and apparel brand. This is something which is unique to the instagram and social media world of 2020 – at no time in the past could a brand new group of potential customers be found with the same photographs that were placed into catalogs. catalogs had to be ordered by a specific customer, and would often only be looked at and ordered from by that same customer.

Instagram has expanded that customer base exponentially because the customers themselves can show their Interest in a particular clothing brand’s aesthetic rather than that clothing brand having to design their chosen customer base.

The advent of followers who are interested inf fashion in general can also e beneficial to clothing and apparel brands because these instagram influencers can find new ways to wear particular items of clothing that may not sit with the standard aesthetic of the clothing brand itself, but which may inspire Instagram followers of that influencer to become customers of the brand.

Instagram For Clothing and Apparel Brands

The importance of instagram followers in 2020 for the success of clothing and apparel brands are even more pivotal during a time when people are shopping online more than ever before. Instagram allows for consumers to purchase directly from a given image, and thus the shopping process is made exponentially easier than in the old days of having you call up and place an order from a catalog, or having to physically go into a shop to make a purchase. By expanding a company’s instagram follower base, a clothing and apparel brand can greatly Increase the sales numbers their clothing and apparel company enjoys.

You need instagram followers in 2020 to keep your clothing and apparel brand afloat and thriving because instagram followers equate to customers of your brand. Instagram followers beget instagram followers, and while each of these followers may not equate to a customer immediately these followers may well become customers in the near future. And the best part about active instagram followers is that there is no additionally cost worn by the clothing and apparel company for securing these potential customers.

In Closing

Instagram followers will like the same photo that may have been up on the Instagram site for months, going back into historic photos to see the full range of items offered by a given clothing and apparel company. Thus, the company itself does not have to keep spending money to produce more and more catalogs, taking models for hire to showcase their brand’s aesthetic.

Rather, the older photos still hold the same allure as the newer photos, and any photo may result in an organic instagram follower becoming a customer if that particular item suits a particular need that the instagram follower is dealing with at the very moment that they see your brand’s photo. That is how immediately an instagram follower can become a customer.

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