How to get Verified on Twitter

Are you trying to figure out how to get verified on Twitter?

If you’ve been on Twitter long at all, you’ve noticed that some accounts have a blue cloud with a white check mark inside it. This means that the particular Twitter member has a “verified account.” If you use Twitter for your business, then you want your account to be verified too, because as Twitter puts it, they focus on “highly sought” users in a variety of main interest areas. You probably got to this page by typing in Google ” How to get verified on Twitter”.

The question of how to get verified on Twitter is not as easy as it sounds. Twitter only verifies accounts that qualify, but the exact terms of qualification are not clear. Our company helps clients buy Twitter verification, because navigating the Twitter requirements can be frustrating at times. Here are a couple of famous people who have this status. Just think you can have this to now!

Aaron Paul: Very popular verified Twitter account for this Breaking Bad star.

Tom Hanks: Everyone knows Tom Hanks. Check out his verified Twitter account.

Finding out how to get account verified on Twitter is very hard and the specific requirements for Twitter verification is difficult for the general public. Some companies that have Twitter verification have confirmed that if you are willing to spend $5,000 each month on Twitter ads, your account will easily be (and stay) verified. However, if you don’t have that sort of marketing budget for Twitter, there are other ways to buy verified status Twitter style.

You might think that buying Twitter followers will do the job. However, that is only part of the process. We have been doing this for a long time and our experience has shown that you need to have a minimum of 10000 Twitter followers to greatly improve your chances when you apply for Twitter verification. You can easily accomplish this when you get real Twitter followers from us. Enter coupon code (BOOST10) for 10% off. There is a lot more to getting your notorious Twitter blue checkmark. Some methods are more sophisticated and will result in Twitter verification. Unfortunately because of the complexity of this process it may be impossible to get Twitter verified.

For those who don’t want to pay for Twitter verification, you can embed one of those “Follow” buttons for Twitter on your website. However, since anyone can do that, there’s nothing exclusive about that designation. If you want to set yourself apart in your business niche, then you want to give your followers something exclusive and nothing screams authority more than have the blue check mark for your Twitter account. You will also get a flood of organic followers because when people search Twitter for certain keywords guess what accounts come up first. You guessed it the verified accounts! When you follow someone of interest also you can be assured that they will follow you back and they will be honored to be followed by a person or company that has the prestigious blue checkmark.

How to Get Verified on Twitter by Yourself

In the interests of full disclosure, we will tell you that it is true that anyone can apply for a verified Twitter account. If you send in your account name, location, full name, official website address, personal bio, and primary contact name for the person managing the account, you may get a direct response from Twitter saying your Twitter account has been verified. If you are someone like Tom Hanks or your business is on the scale of Apple popularity than this is going to be a easy process for you. However 95% of businesses or people will never receive even a response back from Twitter and are back to square one on Google searching for….how to get verified on Twitter…. and that is just the way it is.

The rewards of Twitter verification are numerous and long reaching. Instantly your brand, service, or product will stand out from all you competition and you can confidently showcase your new verified Twitter page on your website or blog. The brand authority that comes with verifying your Twitter account is enormous as clients will see you as a leader or very popular compared to the rest of your competitors. Once you have verification from Twitter, you can expect to grow your business swiftly, making your investment in our service more than worth it. You will be shoulder to shoulder with all the major brands. We wish you good luck!


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