Best practices for Twitter Ads Manager

Nearly 500 million tweets are sent everyday on Twitter! That’s a lot of words, especially if you’re a small business looking to compete with the big fish of your industry. It is easy for new businesses and their meek tweets to get lost in this constant chatter of the “twittaratis”.

No more. And I mean it. No more will this happen!

Originally created for interaction on the go, Twitter has lately become the marketing paradise. Those who earlier tweeted to connect with celebrities are now connecting with brands for better customer service and for escalating their queries and complaints. According to a report, around 66% Twitter uses found new businesses on the platform and 94% out of these plan on buying from the businesses they follow. These are staggering figures and trust us, the iron is hot to be hammered right now! Businesses already on Twitter ads management are trying to gain the love of their followers and new businesses are jumping in by the scores.

This is why your social media strategy must include a special place for twitter ads manager. With ads placed strategically and sent out at the right time, the brand-friendly space of Twitter can boost your organic sales tremendously.

Read on to find out how you can use Twitter ads to your advantage and thank us later!

Before you decide to get on with setting up ads, you should know the three different kind of twitter ads for business that are available for your perusal. They are Promoted Trends, Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts.

  1. With promoted trends, you can promote a hashtag at the top of the trending topic list on the left side of the page. Trending topics get a lot of attention; as they are the most talked about subjects in the internet universe. When users click on promoted trends, they can see an organic list of tweets on the topic with the promoted tweet at the top. You can gain organic exposure when people start picking up the hashtag and tweeting about it.
  2. Regular tweets become promoted tweets when the advertiser pays for it to be shown to non-followers. These can be retweeted, replied to and liked, just like regular tweets. Promoted tweets can be combined with promoted trends and offer the wonderful chance of extending content reach.
  3. With a promoted account, you can reach your target Twitter users, subtly coaxing them to follow you. When an account it promoted, it is directly shown on the timeline of potential Twitter followers and in their Who to Follow search results. This is an excellent option for businesses who are very new to the platform.

Now that you know what kind of promotion you need to do, let’s talk about optimizing Twitter ads manager for better engagement.

There’s only so much you can write in 160 characters. At times, it can even feel overwhelming; especially when you don’t get the right results or don’t know where to start with Twitter marketing. Instead of feeling demotivated, follow the best practices for creating Twitter ads that leave your followers asking for more.

  • Kick off by introduction

Part of your Twitter ads management is to reach out to people who don’t know you. Yet. So, introducing your brand the first thing is only common sense. You cannot expect people to know what your business is all about. Throw in a simple image or a quick video highlighting your brand’s USP and you’re set.

Also ensure that your account bio and profile picture states the same message clearly, since many users would want to go through your public profile before the click the follow button. Keep your branding message and landing page in great shape. You don’t want your users to abandon your site as soon as they land.

  • Don’t miss your CTAs!

What’s the point of going through all the trouble of creating great content with zero conversion rates? But I assure you this will happen, if you don’t include a clear call to action. Twitter ads are no different than traditional ads and the key to their success is an awesome call to action. Ensure that your users know precisely what you want them to know. For the want of characters, simple, short and sweet like “Follow us” or “Apply now” or  “Read more” usually work. Refrain from adding to many links or hashtags. It makes the text incomprehensible and appear more like spam.

  • Cards help too

Your Twitter ads manager now lets you create cards directly inside its dashboard. An internal report from Twitter shows that promoted tweets featuring a website card have a 43% higher engagement than regular links inside promoted tweets.

  • Why go for universal fit when you can create custom fit for Twitter ads manager?

Since every campaign has a different end goal, the creatives need to be different too. This is imperative for campaigns with same goals, since each one will be offering a specific idea or deal.

Similarly, your target audience also decides what kind of creative needs to be posted. You need to tweak your ads based on geography. What might appeal to Americans cannot be well-received by Australians.

  • Be open to experimentation

As with every other marketing strategy, you can use Twitter ads manager to see what works with your customers and what doesn’t. Be open to testing everything and take home constructive feedback to come up with bang-on conversion rates the next time!

  • Bonus – High quality media is vital to your campaign


Rule of thumb, never, and we mean, never use low resolution images. Pixelated images won’t do. Neither will grainy videos. Words are weapons, yes, but your users and potential followers will first look at visuals and then your content. Make sure the images you are copyright free and of high quality. Either get them designed in-house or take help of free stock photos.

To conclude, Twitter ads are a great way to promote your business. When managed properly with the right strategy, you can see improved social media interaction of your business with your followers.

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