The Importance Of Youtube Subscribers 2019


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As a great YouTuber, you need your channel to be prosperous and grow into a popular and huge channel. Perhaps you want this because you want to become a YouTube celebrity or maybe you are in the business for the few dollars you will generate from ads every month. Whatever the case, one of the primary ways users assess the feat of a YouTube channel is via the subscriber count. In this article, you will learn more about the significance of YouTube subscribers.

Is Youtube Subscriber Count just a Number or Something Special?

As said earlier, the number of subscribers you have determines how successful your channel will be. Generally, this is seen as a valuable way of assessing success. A large subscriber count typically means more ad revenue, more views, and much better content.

However, as a YouTube beginner, the number of subscribers you have is just a mere number. There are several pros to having a large subscription. Generally, channel owners get more users to view their content through other means other than asking viewers to subscribe to their YouTube channel.

The truth is that subscriber count does not play a significant role when you are a beginner! The beginners are advised to focus on getting the videos ranked high on YouTube and Google. This action is what makes you gain much more subscribers! Of course you can buy Youtube subscribers with BRSM to fast track this 🙂

Concentrate on Rankings, but here is the Importance of Having YouTube Subscribers!

It is essential to concentrate on ranking your videos as it helps you get the subscription you are looking for. This article would not be detailed without you having the know-how of the significance of having a huge subscription base.

You have probably subscribed to a couple of channels if you have been a YouTube member for a specified period. If you have subscribed to a particular channel, you have perhaps noticed that YouTube shows you other related videos. Well, YouTube suggests to you content they think that will be of interest to you based on the channels you are subscribed to.

Now, let us examine this from a channel owner’s viewpoint. Imagine a scenario where a user subscribes on a channel, and then YouTube advertises your channel on your behalf.

Once users subscribe to your channel, the videos you post will be automatically displayed on their homepage. YouTube will send notifications to them when you publish new content. Also, your content will rank higher in search when someone is already subscribed to your channel.

What does a Subscription Mean for You?

Well, a high subscription translates to high traffic to your content!


You may think that this article sounds contradicting. First, I told you not to worry about your subscriber count and then went ahead to tell you more about the significance of having a large subscription base. Let me say as it is. It is a fact that you will have a low subscription when starting. You will be disappointed if you only focus on subscription count during the early stages.

There is no way you can force users to hit the subscribe button! You need to first focus on driving traffic on your videos based on rankings within Google and YouTube. By attaining this, you will be able to grow the subscription base fast.

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Why You Need To Buy YouTube Subscribers

Every YouTuber’s dream is to be followed, watched, and be known. However, the great thought of how to acquire many subscribers can be annoying, daunting, and sometimes almost impossible in the world of limitless competitors and content.

One way to get your content and channel noticed is by parting with some dollars and buy subscribers. This simple, small action can assist you in growing your channel and having your content watched. If you have been contemplating whether to buy subscribers to your channel or not, you have come to the right place.

The Pros of Buying YouTube Subscribers

    • 100% legitimate and legal – buying YouTube subscribers is 100% authentic and adheres to YouTube’s strict policy and rules and doesn’t go against YouTube’s terms of service in any way. However, you should be keen to ascertain that you are buying real users to avoid account limitation.
    • Enhance Your Channel Ranking – buying YouTube subscribers will enhance your YouTube videos SEO and the content will rank higher on YouTube search engine. Having a high subscription means that every time a user searches content related to your channel, the chances of the user seeing your videos is drastically high.
    • It helps you keep up with the stiff competition – if you want your content and videos watched by prospective fans, you need to not only invest in the content but also guarantee that the channel has optimal exposure.
    • The competition is stiff, and you thus need to invest in subscribers if you want your channel to increase your brand sales or land more deals.
    • It Boosts Your Social Proof – if a large number of users is following you, the more likely potential users will find it worth and reliable subscribing to your channel. A large subscription base means to many YouTube users that you are creating compelling, engaging, and exciting content, and it is worth viewing and sharing. This aspect signals other users that your channel is professional and legitimate.


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