How do you start a YouTube Channel?

Everyone around you these days is aware of YouTube and it’s massive impact online. It is a social video platform that connects content creators with content consumers. Content creators are able to earn a steady stream of income through ads placed on their videos. The success of a YouTube channel is always directly proportional to the number of subscribers it is able to reel in. If you are unaware of how to start a YouTube channel, this article will serve as a guide to you.

1. The Name.

 The name of the channel is a very important aspect. This will allow your subscribers to share it with their friends and also by the word of mouth. An easy, eye-catching name is what a good YouTube channel always needs first. You will need to consider several things like the type of content you will upload, the type of image you want to promote for yourself etc. before naming your channel.

2. Channel Art.

Channel art is something your subscribers will relate to and will encourage them to keep coming back. Make sure to add an art that matches your online image and content. You will need to do the research to match the colors according to your subscriber’s likings. This can easily be done by using various online tools available at your disposal. Also, if you release new content regularly, you will want to consider changing your channel art regularly too.

3. Decide on a Niche.

You will need to select a topic which you will be able to sell quite convincingly. This can be a topic that interests you, or even looks appealing to you. Make sure to stick to your niche and if one doesn’t work out, you can always change it later. Research in this department is the key to success. There are several studies conducted online, and one of them shows that subscribers tend to be more attracted towards thoroughly researched content. You should pick your forte and run with it.

4. Add a description.

A short channel description is always recommended when are thinking how to start a YouTube channel. This will let your subscribers know what you stand for and what type of content to expect from you. This description can also be used in separate videos to place your links and promote your affiliate websites as well. The description also can be a place where you run various contests for your subscribers. This can help you build a base audience and may even lead to the increase in the number of your Youtube subscribers. You can also buy Youtube subscribers from to give you that boost you need to go viral!

5. Developing Content.

You have selected a niche and decided to upload content related to it. Excellent! Now, you need to start the work. Start researching on your topics on the internet, conduct interviews, read reviews, and anything else that is necessary to develop your content. It is recommended to collect as much data as possible while developing your content to make it diverse and interesting.

6. Schedule.

Setting a schedule is just as important as the content of the website. Once you decide the where and what, you have to decide the “when” also. The “when” is the time when your subscribers can expect you dropping a sick video. You must select a date and stick to the schedule. If you’re unable to keep up with the schedule, you must let your subscribers know the reason for the delay and when they can expect your next video.

7. Film away.

Since you have collected so much data, you can constantly film yourself and do the editing later. The steady stream of content will always keep your subscribers glued to the screen. Also, it will improve your art style a lot as you constantly learn through constant developing. If you’re by chance someone who likes to game and stream their performance, you will need a recording software to do your bidding.

8. Editing.

Editing is one of the most important parts of a YouTube channel. This is the time to decide what stays in the video and what needs to be cut out. Since you’re responsible for most of the filming and research, you will know what type of content your audience wants to see. This will improve as you go along down the road of content editing. You will be become an expert in editing and be adding music to your videos.

9. Promote Your Youtube Channel

The video developing, editing and uploading parts have been covered. Now comes the monetizing part. To constantly generate revenue from a YouTube channel is not an easy task. You will need to create a buzz around the type of content you create. A good way to do this is to start creating content which already has the Youtube subscribers buzzing. This way, you will be able to take advantage of a media content while further the discussion about it on various social media platforms. You can also find several how to start a youtube channel discussions as well on social media platforms.

10. The Art of Story-Telling.

This is the most important part of any YouTube creator’s narrative. You must always engage your subscribers in such a way that they are compelled to come back time and again to your channel. The channel is represented by you in front of your audience via the way you present your story. There are many tips and tricks to a great story-telling technique which you can find readily available online. A basic way to do it would be to break up your video into smaller segments addressing the larger issue. This will help your audience to take in your content and digest them properly.

These were some basic starter points on how to start a YouTube Channel. You will need to constantly upgrade your skills with the changing trends. This can be done by constantly being active on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. There is a tonne of other instructions to get more real subscribers, likes, shares etc. on the internet. You can begin by researching some of the do’s and don’ts of the industry. There’s a lot of competition in this field, and thus staying one step ahead all the time is highly recommended!

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