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The Need To Buy Facebook Comments

Getting website traffic from Facebook is a very popular topic these days. With over 700 million users and tools to automate many tasks, it’s a no-brainer. The question is how you can get people from Facebook to your website?One method that’s becoming more and more common place is using Facebook comments on blogs. When you setup your blog to use Facebook comments, visitors use their Facebook profiles when they make comments.

Gone are the days when people use print media for creating awareness in the market about their offering. In the tech-savvy world, many businesses are using Facebook and creating Facebook business page for informing potential customers about their services. The facebook fan page is also used for promoting any new product, new discount offer, etc. Individual user when becomes fan, they help in attracting more number of fans, thereby providing greater consumer awareness about your company’s products. This eventually results in increasing sales and profits of the company.

The great thing about letting people comment using their Facebook profile is that the comment can be posted to their Facebook wall. If it’s posted on their wall, then their friends see it. If their friends see it, then they might
visit your website to see what the comment is about.

If a friend visits your site after reading a comment from one of their friends, then that person might be more likely to leave a comment too. Then, their friends will see their comment, and so on and so on and so on. It can be a very powerful marketing tool that requires no effort on your part especially if you buy comments with BRSM.

Create a New Facebook Application

The first thing you should do is go to Facebook to create a new application.
Don’t worry, it’s not difficult, and you don’t need any special skills other than the ability to type, copy and paste.Go to the Facebook developers page. If you don’t already have a Facebook account, you will be required to sign up. If you have an account already, and you’re signed in, then you will just need to click on the “Set up New Application” button.

The next screen will ask you to type in the name of the application. Name the application anything you’d like. The simple way to name it is just to name it on the website where you will install the application.Once you’ve named your application, you’ll be taken to a new page. Look at the left column and click on the “Website” tab.On the next screen, you will need to type in the site URL. Be sure to include the forward slash at the end of the URL so that there are no errors when you create the new application. Save your changes.Once that step is completed, your application is ready. Copy the application ID. You will need to paste it into the plugin settings on your blog.

Install the Plugin on Your Wordpress Blog

You will need to install a plugin so that you can use Facebook comments on your blog, Go to your plugins page and click “add new.” Type in “Facebook Comments for Wordpress.” That’s the name of the plugin to install.When you find the plugin, click “install now.” The plugin should be installed automatically but needs to be activated. Click on the link to activate your plugin and paste the application ID from Facebook into the proper space. Save the settings and your plugin will be activated and ready to use.