Twitter Questions

We are able to country target Twitter followers by using a advanced IP filter system we have developed. This ensures you get real followers from the chosen countries.

No, only the URL link to your Twitter page is required.

Our estimate is that you will get between 500 – 1000 followers/day until completion of order.

Our methods comply with Twitter guidelines and we have dealt with thousands of accounts with none facing any suspension.

Since we deliver real follower it is normal to have a depletion rate of less than 5%. People unfollow for who know what reasons so this is possible. If you have a depletion rate of more than 5% of your followers we can replace all followers lost at no extra charge. We guarantee our followers for 1 year. Just contact us with your order number and we will back this up!

This is a premium service where our system detects when you tweet and promotes it automatically so you get retweets every time. This provides engagement and strong social signals. This will run for as long as you are subscribed to the service. Initial payment is for 30 days and when this is done you will be billed each 30 days for as long as you subscribe. This is popular because it is a truly hands free social marketing package.

We are glad you asked. All of our Global Twitter followers are from all countries worldwide. You will get a great mix of Twitter users in all walks of life. Our USA Twitter followers all have hometowns in the United States. We use filters in our promotions to make sure they are from the USA. As for the profiles quality they are real people so all are different allowing your brand to grow with maximum diversity.