Instagram Videos VS Instagram Stories

Instagram is the 10th most popular search on Google. As of June 2018, Instagram had 1 billion monthly active users. This positions Instagram behind Facebook with 2.35 billion. During the same period, experts noted that Instagram had 500 million daily active users.

Half of the daily active users log in daily and actively engage on the platform via a variety of devices. Every day, this number keeps rising. Why is that? Instagram is a great platform for both individuals and professionals alike.

It has a variety of tools that improve brand and customer awareness. These tools also allow users to segment their target audience and promote their content effectively. Some of the powerful features offered by Instagram include Instagram videos and stories.

Want to know more about these features and how they aid with marketing?

In this post, we explain Instagram views for video posts and Instagram story views for stories. We also explain how to get these features and why they are important for marketing.

What Is an Instagram Video View?

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Instagram videos have become an important part of social media marketing. Today, you can upload a video and publish it as a single post. Alternatively, you can upload a video and make it part of a multi-post.

So, what are Instagram views? An Instagram video view refers to a viewer’s-initiated play of a video.

Instagram videos were first introduced in 2013. Back then, videos were capped at 15 seconds but today, videos are capped at 60 seconds. Since the introduction of Instagram videos, the social media platform has experienced an increase in users.


Today, brands are tapping that audience by creating and uploading engaging videos. These videos are of high quality and unique content-wise. For example, a brand can upload a video of how to ice a cake or to prepare homemade ice cream.

To convey the message interestingly and creatively, the brand can use specific color schemes and fonts.

WHat Counts as a View for Instagram Videos?

On Instagram, you can see how many times your videos have been viewed. The video count is always visible to anyone who can view your posts. What you need to know is that you will not be able to see views for videos shared as part of a post with multiple videos or photos.

When it comes to what counts as a view for Instagram videos, well, it refers to the initiated play by a user. If a user watches the video for 3 seconds or more, that counts as a video view. What you need to know is that video views do not include video loops.

Want to see your video views? Tap the video view count just below the video. Now, you can see the number of likes and who liked your video. Remember, it may take time before a video view shows up. If the view is not showing up, check back later.

Also, if your Instagram account is set to private, you can only see your video views after they reach a certain number.

What Are Instagram Story Views for Stories?

Launched in 2016, Instagram stories have taken off big time. In fact, by 2017, Instagram stories had surpassed Snapchat in terms of audience size. While Instagram stories allow users to interact with their followers, not many people know what an Instagram story view is?

This is a feature that enables Instagram users to share videos and photos to their “Story.” By doing so, they make the content visible to their followers and to specific users they follow. As you already know, your Instagram stories get published separately from your videos and photos in your tiled gallery.

What you need to know is that Instagram Stories can drive a tone of value and engagement if used well. Today, IG Stories have fueled the growth of brands such as Bustle, Insider, and Vogue among others.

How Long Are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are set to last 24 hours before disappearing. Each video you add to your Story has a maximum time of 15 seconds. That means, if you upload a video to your Instagram Story, it will play up to 15 seconds. This is regardless of how long the video is.

To play your videos longer than 15 seconds, split the videos into 15-second segments. Add each of the segments in your Instagram Story. When you play the videos, they will play one after the other.

How Do You Get Instagram Views for the Stories?

To get Instagram views for the Stories, you must first share content – videos and photos – via Story. To do so, download the Instagram app. You cannot view Instagram Stories via the desktop site.

When you launch the app, tap on the home icon. The icon is on the bottom lefthand corner of the screen. At the top of the screen, you should see a bunch of circular icons. If you have followed Instagram Stories for other users, a bunch of icons will have their profile images.

To view their stories, tap on any circular icon. There are many gestures you can use to control playback.

Go Forward – Tap on the screen

Pause – press and hold

Go back – tap the left edge

Move between stories – Swipe left or right

To create your Story, tap on the “blue plus icon” available on the circular icon with the title “Your Story.” You can now upload videos and photos and share them with your followers.

To see who has viewed your photos and videos in your Instagram Story, click on “Your Story.” Swipe up from the bottom and you should see a list of users who have viewed your account. By learning which users have viewed your Story, you can curate your content according to what your followers love.

Instagram Views for Video Posts and Instagram Story Views for the Stories: Why They Are Important for Marketing

Instagram stories

As a brand, if you are not using Instagram Stories and videos as part of your marketing effort, then you are not reaching your potential. Want to increase your brand awareness and reach more customers? You need to include Instagram Stories and videos in your social media marketing strategies.

Here are the benefits of doing so.

Spread Brand Awareness

When you upload videos to your profile, your followers will view these videos. To spread brand awareness, its essential to ensure the first 10 to 20 seconds are attention-grabbing. As you already know, your video clips will begin playing automatically when your followers scroll through their feeds.

To make your videos attention-grabbing and increase views, make your videos to be fun and creative. You can use specific colors, fonts, stickers, and appropriate hashtags. Remember, post your content consistently and check the views to help you optimize your content.

Increase Number of Followers

Instagram normally lists the first 50 people who view your content on Stories in chronological order. After you reach 50+ views, Instagram will begin listing the views according to the highest. Followers at the top of the list are those people going out of their way to engage with your content.

They also take the time to check your profile and keep looking out for new content. As a business, this is a great way of increasing the number of followers. By rewarding such followers with perks (discounts and promo codes), you get to increase the number of followers.

OFfers Insight into Your Competitors Marketing Efforts

As said earlier, video views are public unless the user makes their account private. This is common with individuals and not businesses. As a brand, you can check the video views of your competitors. By doing so, you gain insight into their marketing efforts.

As such, you can re-strategize your marketing efforts to ensure your content stands out from the competition. There are several ways you can improve your content. To create captivating Instagram videos, set clear goals, tell a story and use natural lighting in your videos. Be creative.

Helps You Track the Performance of Your Videos

Instagram videos are limited to 60 seconds. At the bottom of every video, you will find the views. This information is very important. How? It helps businesses to track the performance of their content. Simply put, brands can know how many people viewed their content.

You can also know how men and women watched the videos, how many people liked and even shared their content. Using this information, businesses can continue improving their content by getting creative.

How to Increase Brand and Customer Awareness with Instagram Videos and Stories

If your store is having a sale or launching new products, you can share coupon codes with your followers via Instagram Stories. You can use an appropriate hashtag to make the deal exclusive to your followers. By rewarding your followers with giveaways, you get to build lasting relationships.

As you already know, word of mouth is a powerful advertising tool. When you reward your followers, they will share the news with their followers. This will attract new followers to your Instagram page. An increase in traffic translates to an increase in sales and revenue.

Remember, people always buy from brands they feel a connection with.

Start that connection with Instagram videos and Stories. You can also buy Instagram views, followers, and story views from BRSM!

Best of luck from the BRSM team!

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