Difference between Facebook Followers and Likes In 2021

For those managing or have had a chance of scheming through a Facebook page, you must have come across terms like follows and likes. If you’ve always wondered what the difference or meaning of these two terms are, we will explain that as well as other details associated with these terms.

Many people typically look at the number of likes a page has when viewing it. However, because there’s another term “followers” right under it, this creates confusion. Note that these two numbers don’t have to be the same and we’ll tell you why.

Facebook Like vs. Facebook Followers

If someone likes a page, they follow it automatically. Facebook has two buttons next to other with these features. So if someone clicks “like” the ‘” follow” button becomes automatically clicked too. However, one can turn the follow button off.

A Facebook like is someone who’s decided to attach their name on a particular page as a fan. That means they’re showing support for a page when they like it. Therefore, that page show’s up in the about section of that fan’s account.

Facebook followers, on the other hand, are persons who only want to see updates of a particular page on their news feed. Someone might choose to like a page and not follow it, which means, while they support that page, the content from it won’t appear in their news feed. Likewise, a person may follow pages without liking them hence won’t be counted among the likes of that particular page.

Now, as we can see, this is quite an interesting situation. A page might have 10000 likes for instance but only 6000 people following it. This means that its audience is 6000.

Also, note that someone who has liked your Facebook page can choose to “unfollow” it. However, that doesn’t affect “like”. Think of it this way. If you follow someone on Facebook who annoys you with their posts, you can choose to unfollow them but still remain friends with them. Unfollowing simply means that you’ll not see the person’s updates on your feed.

What Does This Mean for Businesses?

In this situation, it’s likely that a page will have fewer followers than likes since some people may choose to unfollow it. While they want to continue showing support to your brand, for a reason or two, they don’t want to continue seeing your updates. And it could be because;

  • They don’t care about your posts
  • They’ve decided to unfollow all pages to see more posts from their friends
  • They’ve tried to unlike but have unfollowed your page instead

Also, the main reason why a user might follow without liking a page involves competitive research. Your competitor may follow you just to monitor your strategy without giving you an additional Facebook like. While it has minimal effects, it can affect people who pay attention to minor details.

Facebook Likes or Facebook Followers; Which Is Better?

They are all important. But if your business page has more likes than followers, evaluate the content that you’re producing, it could be the cause of this reduction in followers. Focus your content on what you can do for your audience instead of what they can do for you. Also, you’d want to lay off contests for a while. Contests on Facebook mainly have one stipulation: like the page to qualify. Sure, the purpose of Facebook contests is to get more likes.

But, most times, people only enter your contests to win free things and not buy from you. So, they’ll still like your page to qualify for a giveaway but won’t actually follow it. The third option is to post less frequently. Facebook has diminishing returns for frequent posting. One or two times per day during weekdays only can work well. But, make sure that you have a lot of interesting things to say.

How to Get More Followers

Unfortunately, if the number of likes and followers is different, there isn’t much you can do. Once people unfollow you it can be difficult reaching out to them since they won’t see your updates even if you try. Instead, focus on getting more likes. Now let’s bring you the good news! It turns out we offer a premium Facebook followers service so you can leave all of this to us!

Getting new likes will likely increase your followers as a like is automatically a follow.

Final Thoughts

Well, both likes and followers are important. Businesses should therefore concentrate on audience engagement. Even if you have 100000 followers or likes, they’ll be of no importance if they don’t read, engage, and remember your content.

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