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10 YouTube Comments


Buy 10 YouTube comments that are real and non drop. YouTube partner safe comments that come from people in the USA!

Comments Speed: 20-50 Per Day


  • Buy 10 comments from real USA YouTube users that will leave random positive comments on your video.
  • Great service to balance out any negative YouTube comments you may have on your video.
  • Excellent customer support to make sure your order gets done smoothly.
  • 10 YouTube comments with stay permanently on your video.
  • Option to submit your own comments. (Please number comments for best service)
  • Option to tell us how many comments you want done per day for normal USA comments! ( Drip feed not available for custom comments)

Why Get 10 Youtube Comments?

Are you thinking about getting YouTube comments for your videos? You’ve come to the right place. Most YouTubers are nowadays trying to get comments to boost their videos, attract audiences, and establish a good social proof.

The good thing about YouTube comments is that it helps many people coming to your videos know what others think about your content. It provides new users with insights about your videos and helps them decide whether to watch and subscribe to your channel or not.

Comments are very important on social media, mainly because they are like reviews about the content that you’ve offered. Therefore, when you have plenty of comments with positive feedback, you are bound to see a tremendous impact on your YouTube videos and channel overall.

Is Getting 10 YouTube Comments Ideal?

So, is it suitable to get YouTube comments? Many people ask this question mainly because they feel like they are “cheating” the system. However, it all depends on how you view it from your perspective.

Basically, it’s not a bad idea to get comments on YouTube. All you need to do is just ensure that you are buying from the right dealers or providers in the industry. All you have to do is choose your comments package above and let BRSM.IO take care of it for you.

Final Thought

A good example is a popular video with a lot of views and likes, but lacks comments. What you need to know is that the comments section is where most fans engage and establish a community around your YouTube channel. Therefore, this is one crucial factor that you need to consider as a YouTuber.

When you buy 10 YouTube custom comments, you get the chance to create unique comments that will help to attract more viewers and subscribers, thereby enabling you to grow your channel and search appearance on YouTube.