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Why Get 10 Instagram Comments From BRSM.IO

The BRSM.IO social media marketing agency plays a huge role in helping brands to grow exponentially. You can get 10 real USA Instagram comments from us or use some other strategies like the ones listed below;

Some of the strategies they recommend one to use in getting more Instagram comments include the following;

Request users to leave comments

Asking for more Instagram comments is an easy method to acquire more of them. Ask people to answer a question or tag their friends and colleagues in the comments when you post content on Instagram that recommends itself to spread. It’s a simple and enjoyable method to engage with your audience, and it also helps you get more feedback.

Host a contest or giveaway

Hosting an Instagram contest or giveaway is a simple and exciting method to encourage followers to reply to your Instagram posts. You can promote the contest on Instagram and then invite followers to participate by leaving a comment on your post.

Additionally, you can run a week-long contest in which users must leave a remark every day. You could also include user-generated material by asking followers to share their photos with your business and tag or mention it in the post.

Post exciting, unexpected, and provocative Instagram content

Some of the most popular online moments tend to become viral rapidly because they elicit high anxiety. Posts that build anticipation, surprise the audience, and elicit interest and uncertainty are among the most frequent. Emotions that elicit sensations of joy are among the most common, so consider what kind of content you post on Instagram that will make people feel so passionate about something that they feel driven to comment on it.

Use appropriate hashtags

When you include relevant, common Instagram hashtags in your posts, they show up in hashtag searches and the Explore tab. Postings containing at least one hashtag are more likely to be shared.

Influencers and interested people may naturally comment when they see you discussing issues they care about, or you may utilize a combination of the techniques above to drive a conversation.


On Instagram, comments and likes are important since they determine where your posts appear in the feed. With the above strategies and many others, one can increase Instagram comments and generate more engagement with their content.

Or you can just order 10 Instagram comments from BRSM.IO and let us take care of this for you!