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Facebook Packages
Silver Engage
Per Month
Daily Interactions From USA Facebook Users
Our Staff Manually Checks Your Posts Daily
No Password Needed
1-2 USA Shares Per Post
1-2 USA Comments Per Post
3-5 USA Likes Per Post
Delivery: Daily
Platinum Engage
Great Deal!
Per Month
Daily Interactions From USA Facebook Users
Our Staff Manually Checks Your Posts Daily
No Password Needed
8-10 USA Shares Per Post
4-5 USA Comments Per Post
10-15 USA Likes Per Post
Delivery: Daily
Gold Engage
Per Month
Daily Interactions From USA Facebook Users
Our Staff Manually Checks Your Posts Daily
No Password Needed
5-7 USA Shares Per Post
2-3 USA Comments Per Post
7-10 USA Likes Per Post
Delivery: Daily
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This is our tenth subscription to this service. Just letting you know we are incorporating this service to supplement our Facebook content posting for our clients. This is a perfect marriage with our current social media marketing packages. Keep it up and we will keep subscribing!

Why Buy Facebook Packages from BRSM?

Boost your fan page’s reach and activity when you buy Facebook packages from BRSM. This service solution was designed to greatly improve your Facebook page’s EdgeRank and brand authority steadily over time.

What’s the point of a fabulous web presence if no one can find it? How serious does your fan page look if you are posting great content everyday but visitors aren’t interacting or you are not getting likes to the page?

In the world of social media, people expect truly dynamic content and a continuous flow of communication between visitor and page owner (that’s YOU) —and that’s where our premium USA Facebook packages comes in. We provide a tightly focused suite of premium services designed to make your Facebook page shine and literally buzz with activity from real people located all over the US. Visitors see others leaving comments, so they decide to comment as well.

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Why have more likes and shares on your posts?

Likes and shares, wall stories and photos —all the friends of the visitors doing the liking and sharing see everything. Each of the US-targeted Facebook accounts we share posts with has up to 1000 friends! This grows the reach and virility of your content.

Our team of English speaking US writers produces engaging interactivity for every single post you make! If you’re really looking to boost your Facebook page, than buy Facebook packages that suit your budget and needs.

It is very rare since we launched this service to have a client cancel their subscription because the results are outstanding. These Facebook packages are designed to create a social spark on your page and when potential clients or fans come to your page they will see nothing but people interacting with your posts.

If your Facebook business page has a low EdgeRank, fewer people will see what you post.

It’s a cold, hard fact ‑and one that a lot of people don’t know. A low EdgeRank can sink your social media efforts, no matter how much money you’re spending on marketing and promotion. Brands with high EdgeRank in the US are leveraging their Facebook interactions, gaining website hits and boosting client confidence – and that leads to sales.

The difference between leveraging EdgeRank versus being punished by EdgeRank can be the difference between making no money or traffic —versus making lots of money and driving traffic to your site —and that can easily mean five times the exposure for your page. When you buy Facebook packages from BRSM expect results.

USA Facebook Packages FAQ

  • We will organically have active USA Facebook users engage positively with your  account.
  • Creates a community on your page as other people start engaging with your content as well because of its popularity.
  • We have access to premium networks of millions of active USA users to market to. Your page will be promoted to these users.
  • We built these Facebook packages to act as a constant drip fed promotion to your Facebook page.
  • Hundreds of happy monthly subscription users with a set and forget solution for engagement on their pages.
  • We are the secret weapon for most social media marketing agencies and you can hire us to!
  • Choose a monthly package that fits your budget and hit order.
  • Add your Facebook page URL and any special instructions.
  • Follow the prompts and pay securely through PayPal.
  • You will be assigned a account manager and he will email you with all your order details.
  • You can reply to that email at any time if you have any questions at all during the campaign.
  • We require 24-48 hours setup time.
  • Your Facebook likes, comments, and shares start rolling in naturally and we complete your package with all the particulars stated on the package you chose above when you ordered the Facebook package.
  • This runs everyday until subscription is cancelled.
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